About us

History and scope of activities of UAB LUGVITA


JSC “Lugvita” was established in 1997 in Vilkaviškis (Lithuania) and has been successfully developing its business for over 22 years. The company specializes in Birch wood processing field. Company buys wood from the national forest enterprises, private owners of Lithuanian forests, and some is imported from Russia, Ukraine,  Belarus. In the company, the woodworking process starts from cutting logs into planks to finished glued components of furniture. The majority of our customers are Swedish company IKEA subcontractors and furniture manufacturing companies abroad and in Lithuania. JSC “Lugvita” has been developing rapidly for a number of years, increasing its production and sales volumes. It has been awarded “Gazelės” awards five times and is recognized as one of the fastest growing company in the region. The company cuts about 1000 m³ of round Birch log timber per month. About 300 m³ pieces of wet Birch components are produced in one shift. About 80 m³ of Furniture components and Finger -jointed edge glued panels is made monthly. JSC “Lugvita” employs a team of about 50 people. Our main clients are furniture manufacturers. Production is in demand worldwide. The company is FSC®  certified, license code FSC-C114838